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Mark Szeliga

Mark Szeliga

Multimedia / Photography and Videographer

Passholder Since: 2013

Favorite Trail: Tin Woodsmen

Favorite On Mountain Event: Wife Carrying Contest

Favorite Apres Ski Meal: Anything out of Mattehorn's oven

Mark was born and raised in Fort Bragg, California. He attended Loyola Merrymount College in Santa Monica and moved to the Rockies when he completed school.

Mark moved to Colorado, where he met Cassie, and worked as the director of shipping and inventory at REI. His understanding of technology, his attention to detail and his passion for creating beautiful, quality work, make him an asset to this business.

After some initial hesitation about moving to the east coast (fear based primarily on the lack of Bay-area sports' coverage) Mark has come to thrive in the Maine woods. When he isn't involved in multimedia and production for the real estate team, Mark runs his own property management company, Peak Properties of Maine. During his free time, he works on building his house, hunting birds with his German Shorthair Pointer, and running or skiing with his family. Mark has found a niche with Gould Academy where he leads the students' annual nine day winter camping trip.