5 Things that Made This Real Life Fixer Upper the Perfect Project:

It’s not every day that I get to see the results of a client’s hard work come to fruition. This time, I was able to see the total transformation of a bungalow style home and I couldn’t help but share the results.

This property was purchased in Hebron, Maine in May of 2016. By December of that same year, the new owners were happily settled into their “new” home.

Here are five criteria that made The Hebron House the Perfect Fixer Upper.

  1. Location: You don’t need to live in Waco, Texas to turn an outdated ranch into your dream house. This rural bungalow in western Maine sure did the trick!


Any real estate professional will tell you location, location, location and the location of the Hebron House can’t be beat. The property sits at the end of a private road and is bordered by trails and fields owned by Hebron Academy, a private boarding school in rural Maine. The home is positioned adjacent to the Robinson Arena and Gymnasium on a quiet lot with a pretty lawn, apple trees and views of the rolling landscape. (As Chip and Joanna tell us “buy the worst house in the best neighborhood”)


If, or when, these owners decide to sell their home, the house will appeal to families with students enrolled in Hebron Academy as the house feels like it is on campus- no need to get in the car to go to class. As a future rental home, this could serve families for decades.


  1. Be a Contractor (or know a good one). The buyers in this case are the Pelletier Family. Steve D. Pelletier is known in the Bethel / Sunday River area for his high quality remodel work and his unrivaled new construction.


Though Steve enjoys building new, he has an eye for remodeling that allows him to improve and convert existing living space to meet the dreams of his clients in their current residences. The eye for a complete overhaul of a property is one that is refined by experience and perfected by execution. When Steve came across The Hebron House, he knew it was an opportunity for his family to invest in a real estate project that would only appreciate with time. (You can learn more about Steve here )


  1. Living Space / Original Condition: Ideally, a remodel project can be completed within the confines of the exterior walls and the existing roofline of a home. Re-configuring interior walls is usually much more cost effective and manageable than expanding an existing footprint.


At The Hebron House there was a comfortable floor plan that allowed gathering space in the kitchen and sunroom. The major changes made were upstairs: moving the entire stairway and covering two small bedrooms into one large loft style bedroom. There is one full bathroom in the house and this was reconfigured on the main level along with the laundry room.


Ideally a fixer-upper contender will be in great condition: however, if this were the case, the home wouldn’t truly be a fixer upper. At the Hebron House, significant time, money and energy went into the “bones” of the house. The foundation, insulation, exterior siding, windows, heating system and roof were all improved.


This is the property before remodel:


  1. Time line: This renovation took approximately seven months to complete. Even though the owner is a contractor, and did the work himself, he was juggling other jobs and family commitments through the entire project.


The great thing about The Hebron House Project was that it was a second home for the Pelletiers and Steve was his own boss. The only real time limit was start of the spring semester for his son’s academic year.


By entering into a complete renovation with a flexible deadline, owners are able to make changes, wait for materials that may be backordered and build around the un-cooperative climate; all common hurdles that Fixer-Uppers face in Maine.


  1. Design: I saved the best for last!


It goes without saying that to be a great fixer upper, the house needs an awesome remodel design.


At The Hebron House, Pelletier completed the work by sticking to a modern farmhouse theme. He ran through the entire house with a fine tooth comb; from the color of the ceiling rafters, to the matching countertops in the bathroom, kitchen and shower inlay, Pelletier tied the entire project together beautifully.


Classic cottage colors (warm yellow in the kitchen and loft) were chosen for walls and rich wood flooring was combined with a modern green cabinet scheme. These inviting choices were accentuated by a beautiful soapstone countertop and inlay sink in the kitchen.


To top off all of the color and material schemes used throughout, Pelletier selected fixtures, hardware and lights that added to the completed result.


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    I always enjoy seeing Steve’s work. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this Cassie.

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